Sandy, golden soils,
feed the rows of our vineyards;
from rolling hills to slopes
kissed by the sun they stretch
green branches;
clusters of extraordinary
quality create wines
by the scents that capture the senses.

The vineyards

Experienced hands and passionate hearts, they work with love among the rows of our vineyards. Experience and knowledge of the territory allow us to create the right vegetative balance while respecting the harmony between the bunches and the plant.
The vineyards, managed according to an organic-oriented regime, observe the concepts of sustainability and biodiversity while respecting the territory.

The management of the vineyards is carried out strictly by hand: pruning, attentive and careful selection of the buds until the harvest, where the grapes of the quality products are placed in boxes keeping them intact and free of oxidation. Each harvest is a work of gustatory art, guardian of commitment and love.