The vineyards

The vineyards are managed according to a biological-oriented regime, using techniques that reflect the concepts of sustainability, biodiversity and healthiness: a choice aimed at obtaining quality products in full compliance with the territory of this area.

Instruments such as the use of organic fertilizers,  the use of dwarf fava plants,allowed to naturally preserve and restore organic matter in the vines soil.

The overall management of the vineyards is carried out manually by pruning entirely by hand, the careful selection of the buds from their very first sprout until the harvest which, for the products of the company, takes place in crates,  so that the grapes reach the cellar without oxidation.

The current total surface area is 24 hectares distributed between the municipality of Montecarotto, In the vicinity of the company and the neighboring municipalities of Poggio San Marcello, Serra de 'Conti and  Cupramontana.

The vineyards in Montecarotto are made up of predominantly sandy soils, which become mixed and rather clay soils as they move twoards the surrounding areas. Exposure of vineyards, from northwest to south-east, varies depending on where they are located.

All these features, ranging from the position to the ventilation to the careful management of the plants, gives great quality, good freshness and wondeful flavours to the wines.