About us

The wine-growing company Sabbionare is rooted in a small vineyard, left behind by Giuseppe Paolucci to his son Sauro and wife Donatella, who together have inherited the same passion and love that Giuseppe put into his grapes, so much that this activity has become their life.

Their path had its turning point when, in the mid-1990s, this small reality changed its face and re-adapted to reach a wider clientel.

In 1998, with the construction of a modern cellar near their vineyard, the transition from home wine to the real market took place. Since then, the growing demand for the product has led the company to  steadily grow and grow.

Followed by Jesi Castelli grape specialists such as agronomist Pierluigi Donna and oenologist Sergio Paolucci, over the years they have expanded there production and planted futher vineyards.

Today Sabbionare is driven by Mirco and Giusi, Donatella and Sauro's sons, who carry on the activity and family traditions together with their parents.